Ferret Adventure Backpack

$45.00 $42.00

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Ferret Adventure Backpack

$45.00 $42.00


Want to take your ferret on adventures? A ferret backpack is a safe, secure way to introduce your ferret to new sights and smells, while simultaneously introducing the world around you to the beauty of ferrets. Get ready to make some new friends on your adventures out!

  • 16 x 11.5 x 10in
  • Water resistant
  • Color may vary slightly from photos
  • Easy to clean


Please allow 18 – 28 business days for international delivery to the US. Exact delivery may take longer to ship depending on location.




  1. Open package immediately after backpack arrives
  2. Unfold backpack and peel-off protective film
  3. Unzip backpack and let plastic air out for 24-48 hours
  4. Wash clear plastic with soapy water (avoid fabric areas)
  5. Dry thoroughly
  6. Put your ferret’s favorite blankie inside for maximum comfort
  7. Go on your first adventure!

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